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Post  Admin on Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:07 pm

Clan General Rules

Rules for all Clan Servers & Forum:

Swearing is allowed but offending / disrespecting / insulting is not allowed in any ways.

Cheating or hacking is not allowed in |et|Servers!
Using Wallhack / Aimbot / OR any kind of cheat in any |et|Servers
will lead to a ban in all servers and forum and IP warned.

Do not use admin !commands for your own pleasure!
Abusing your admin power will end by a demotion OR ban in all servers.

Do not create many topics about the same thing, 1 is enough and
We will sure answer to your topic if it is necessary but
be patient!

Recruiting for other clans in our servers will leave us no choice
but to !ban the user from Servers,
We know you are willing to help, but there are many other ways than this one..

No advertising.
If someone joins our servers, and says out other clans Servers, Websites, IP's etc. !mute them, and if they keep advertising temporarily ban them.
If they join, and they are called another clans IP/Website etc. temporarily ban them.
But, DO NOT ban them for wearing their clans tags.
Also, do not join other clans servers, and recruit people, advertise our servers and forums. This will lead to all of our clan members being banned on every other server, so don't do it.

You will only have a promotion (Higher Level) if you are active on forum ( increase posts ) & in game.
If you are active in game but inactive on forum,
It will take long time before you get promotion, because when an admin promotes someone,
They first take a look at his behavior, how polite he is, etc

Leaving and re-joining Enemy Territory Clan
Of course you may leave us, none can force you to stay if you feel like leaving.
But please remember:
[indent]You got to create a topic in Quit |et|Clan subforum -- you'll be setted ex-member then and you're done.
We often see members that leave us for some stupid reasons like I had a fight with this and that admin! or
I got to study for my exam.These members often try to rejoin after a few days.
But: You may rejoin only one week after you left clan. Not earlier.
If you are accepted back you got to start again at level 100, no matter what level you had before.

Of course you may add a signature to your posts. But please do NOT add several images at big sizes and a huge block of text.
You do not have to add all your levels in your signature.
So we prefere an easy signature with an image at max. 700x300 pixels and a few lines of text.
It's annoying to see posts where the signature is bigger than the text itself.
Plus we do not wish to see any kind of racial, sexist or offensive signatures.

Notice the specific rules for the different game genres:


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