how to become a member

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how to become a member

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:21 pm

Well im going to tell you.

Post in this subforum asking to become a member

Once a Admin has accepted your request, you will then change your in-game name to |et|Name

This shows |et|Admins| that you are a member. Which then allows us to watch you, to see if your mature enough to be part of our friendly community. You will also be setted to a member level.

During your time of a member you need to gain 5000xp. This is the minimum we ask of you. Of course if you already have more more xp then the minimum, all you have to do is to be active in |et| servers.
The xp just tells us that you are active on our servers.
While you are a "member" admin's will be looking at your maturity in servers and see how you respond and react to other players in the server and how well you mix with other admin's.
Also, do not forget to read the Announcement - Informative Guide for Members and Admins, to get to know all of our rules.

Also it does not hurt to be active on |et| Forums.
The |et|Clan| forum's will be a big part when you join. The forum notify's you of any major change's in the clan or just general projects happening in the clan.
So you may as well start visiting our forums and get know your way around them. Also don't be shy to post your opinion's. We love them.

5000xp minimum.
1 week of activity on server.
Admins decide whether you join.


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